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Partnership, integrity, honesty and exceptional customer service are just a few of the many words that describe everyone at Downing Van Dyke.  We are so pleased to have finally found a law firm that has our company’s best interest in mind.  Always helpful and responsive to all of our questions and concerns.  Their extensive knowledge of landlord-tenant law and Fair Housing law has been integral in winning many very difficult cases for us.  If good advice and no surprises are what you want from a law firm, then look no further.  Downing Van Dyke is the law firm for you!

Vice President, Cornerstone Corporation

Downing Van Dyke are truly experts in subsidized housing. They are always well prepared and are considered subject matter experts in landlord-tenant law. 

Commissioner, Local Housing Authority

We have been using the Downing Van Dyke team for a number of years and continue to be thrilled with the service we receive. They are an amazing team of caring attorneys. They are professional, have great attention to detail and get the job done in a timely manner. They have always been available for any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them for great results.

Senior Property Manager, HMR Inc.

For the first time in our Fifty Nine years of ownership, we had to seek legal services 

for issues concerning a tenancy. We chose Downing Van Dyke to help us with this matter. We thank Downing Van Dyke beyond measure for the ability to direct and

advise in a clear and sound fashion. We were impressed with Downing Van Dyke's knowledge of the rules and regulations and Downing Van Dyke's ability to maneuver through the system.  


Anthony with Downing Van Dyke was an ABSOLUTE Rockstar! When I first came to him, I was upset and confused. He walked me through everything and made me feel so at ease about the whole process. After submitting all my information to him, he was so knowledgeable and brought to light additional issues with my case. He was funny, knowledgeable, and committed to putting us first and making sure we were set up for success. Anthony is a character and I enjoyed working with him so so much! Thank you for being our advocate for us and our case!


Anthony is a knowledgeable and expert attorney.  He walked me through everything and made me feel at ease at every hurdle through the whole process.   As an inexperienced landlord, I certainly leaned on his expertise.  Not only did he address my every concern, but he went above and beyond negotiating bills for me and was on top of the entire case/details/correspondence.  I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Anthony’s knowledge, commitment, responsiveness and his great sense of humor.  He is an Ace of Spades. I enjoyed working with him immensely.  I would highly recommend Downing Van Dyke, LLC.




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